Welcome to Champion Breaks, my most personal project devoted to celebrating our fun, edgy, inspiring collective experience of London's underground music scene from the early 90s.

I am a London based hardcore, jungle, and techno DJ and producer with over 20 years in the scene, and Champion Breaks is my latest bad boy project! .

I have been living this project from that first day that I found myself in an old skool hardcore rave in the early 90s. On that day, I realised that our music is protest music, protesting against conformity - it is about freethinking, free spirit and free lives!

This is the reason why Champion Breaks is free. You will see that there are no Google Ads, promotions, adverts, banners, or download costs.

Due to spam downloads, all you have to do is log in, and then download. You can of course download directly, if you are logged into Facebook.

About the tracks

  • Champion Breaks is Acid Breaks! The Future (Pirate) Sound of London.
  • It's all about exploding 303 acid lines, banging old-skool hardcore breaks, and throbbing Reece bass. This is cooked up in the Champion Breaks lab by the dark Scientist, to provide you with endless thrills!
  • All tracks are produced in my London studio, and professionally mastered by two top UK mastering engineers, both of whom also have their own techno and break beat labels.
  • Champion Breaks is a free digital project. All tracks are provided on www.ChampionBreaks.com in 256kbps MP3 format. If you would like WAV files, contact meand I will provide a Dropboxlink.
  • I have sampled heavily, but creatively - not to imitate. I will give credit to the original source in the track notes. Otherwise, you can also spot the hidden references and credit them in the discussion.